Jan 18, 2013

Sweet California I Miss You

Besides my favorite person in the world..

What I miss the most in California is the good food.
Oh yeah the food there is crazy delicious. Don't get me wrong, I know it's easy to find good food in New York, too. But I never get a chance to go out and eat when I'm at school, or even leaving the studio.
Anyways, let's get to the food shall we?
On Christmas day, we went to Stanford University and the shopping center there. Now I've mentioned before, I'm not a big fan of cakes or cupcakes, although I LOVE making them for my friends. However, when I tried the famous Sprinkles Cupcakes, I gotta admit, they have some pretty damn good cupcakes.
We got the Black and White cupcake

and the Banana Dark Chocolate cupcake is my personal preference.

The banana cake itself is dense and moist, but not too heavy, and the frosting.. oh the frosting is so rich and decedent. I'd like a cupcake right now.. or just a giant spoonful of chocolate frosting please.

Moving on to the savory
One of the best meals I had in California is at the Boiling Crab in San Jose. and by best meal I mean the fries. Since I'm allergic to garlic, I couldn't get any special sauce to go with my seafood, I just got my shrimp steamed, which is refreshing and good with the fried goodies. We got some sweet potato fries, some Cajun fries, and some fried calamari. I thought the sweet potato fries are a bit greasy, but best potato fries and fried calamari I've ever had in my life! The place was packed, we had to wait for over an hour, but totally worth it!

After all the fried goodies, let's talk healthy. One of the places we go often for a quick lunch is Erik's Delicafe.

Of course you can get comfort food like Clam Chowder and Soup Bowl, but you can also get some healthy sandwiches and wraps to make you feel better about yourself after eating tons of fried food from the day before.

Talking about healthy food is giving a headache, let's move back to the sweets:)
One day I was having the biggest sugar craving, like I always do, and my sister took me to Cocola Bakery in Santana Row, and got some sweets for lunch. There I've found the best cake in the world. We got the Millefeuille/Napoleon, which has "layers of puff pastry, whip and orange pastry cream, fresh strawberry and fondant." I thought the puff pastry was a bit soggy and the flavor of the cake is just aight. but let me tell you about the Le Sultan (Hazelnut Cake).

Let me tell you about this baby. It's got "Layers of chocolate genoise, white chocolate mousse, hazelnut mousse with hazelnut crunchy disc." I don't know about you, but to me that sounds like orgasm in my mouth heaven. The cake is on the sweeter side, but you don't get sick of it because of the multiple flavor you get when you bite into it. When biting into the hazelnut bits, it was just the most beautiful moment of my life. Forget the chocolate frosting I mentioned earlier, just give me a slice of this baby.

One other thing that I fell in love with is the caramel from Judy's Candy Company.

Man I'm hooked on these sweet confection. I've tried the Triple Treat, which has a streak of marshmallow in between chocolate and vanilla caramel. It's decent, but I prefer the classic Vanilla Caramel. Simply divine.

Dear Santa, I need bigger pants and longer belts. Wait, forget the belt, I won't be needing it.

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