Jan 21, 2013

Cookies Madness

I promise you cookies, I’ll give you cookies.
I have been using the same recipe since I found my favorite cookie dough recipe, and just changing the add-ins.

I added M&Ms and Kit-Kat pieces and made some Christmas Cookies.

Man, I’m a sucker for Christmas themed everything. I know it’s just the wrapper and the colors, but I just have to buy everything that’s red and green, or anything that speaks Christmas.

It makes me happy.

When you have the time, make some brown butter please; you’d be surprised how much difference it makes.

Of course the good old unsalted butter is good, I mean it’s butter, how can it not be, but brown butter just takes it to the next level and adds a nice nutty flavor to the cookies.

The other great add-in combination is Dried Cranberries and White Chocolate.

I do like white chocolate, but prefer milk and dark chocolate. I can snack on some good white chocolate but because it’s very sweet, I get sick of it very soon. That’s why it goes so well with cranberries; the tanginess of the dried cranberries balances out the extra sweetness from the white chocolate.

Also I love love love the colors pink and white together, so beautiful.

For this batch of cookies, I also added some sliced almonds for an extra crunchy texture, but it’s optional.

And then there’s one of my favorites, peanut butter cups and butterscotch chips.

To most people this is probably a bit too sweet. If you don’t have a crazy sweet tooth like me, add less butterscotch chips, because they are really sweet.

I also recommend changing the amount of sugar base on the things you add to the cookie dough. For the Candy Bar Cookies and Peanut Butter Cups and Butterscotch Cookies I left out the ¼ C granulated sugar and only added ¾ C brown sugar.


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