Oct 6, 2012

ICP: So it begins

Although I’m studying to become an industrial designer, my ultimate dream is to own a bakery.
A bakery that has delicious chewy Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Creamy and dense New York Style Cheesecake
Sweet and tangy Fruit Crisp
Fluffy Cupcakes with lip smackin’ Frosting
Comforting and cozy Apple Pie
Moist and bottom up Upside Down Cake
Rich and silky Flourless Chocolate Cake
Decadent and sexy Chocolate Lava Cake
Firm but smooth Chocolate Fudge
Light and airy Soufflé
Loaves and loaves of fresh Bread
Crispy and spicy Gingersnap (only crispy cookies allowed in my bakery)
Buttery and heart-warming Bread Pudding
Mouth watering and crowd pleasing Banana Pudding
Delicate and beautiful Macarons because it’ll get me the dough everyone likes them
Other desserts your heart desires
And some awesome and brain-freezing Ice Cream

Or maybe just ice cream.
Definitely ice cream.
Because ice cream is the true and only
It is a sweet slow dance at the end of an evening
too much?

Why am I telling you all this?
I am making ice cream for my Product Design class. Savory ice cream. It’s gonna be legen… wait for it…
It’s been four weeks since school started, and I’ve made more than ten flavors of ice cream. Some good, some not so good, some kinda awful. But I will keep experimenting and feeding my friends until I’m satisfied with the flavor and texture.

Hopefully by the end of the semester I can create something surprising. Wish me luck!
Imma call this the Ice Cream Project because it deserves a creative name.

Oh and my bakery’s gonna have durian ice cream whether you like it or not. Wait no, you’re gonna love it.

Take me baby, or leave me.
… Dary. Dairy?

“Ice cream is exquisite. What a pity it isn't illegal.” - Voltaire


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