Mar 14, 2012

Friday Night Food Coma

A family friend of mine lives not too far from me; and she invites me over for dinner from time to time. I love visiting her; she’s the most adorable lady ever! She has her own karaoke machine at home and while we wait for the food, she’d sing for me. She’s just the cutest!

Anyways back to food. She has a chef from Shanghai cooking for her for years; and I must say she makes the best Chinese food ever. She knows that I don’t like greasy food and I’m allergic to certain food so when I visited this time, she made 10 dishes for me and the couples. 10 dishes!

When I got there, we made some wontons and dumplings together. It looks very easy to make but it’s actually very difficult. So after making a few wontons, I stopped making them and decided to just watch and take pictures.

There are a lot of left over dumpling filling, so we decided to turn it into Chinese meatballs. 紅燒獅子頭
First we fried them up
and then cook them again in soy sauce
it's like a meatball sauna in here
Bitter melon salad
shrimp and cashew
fish, bamboo and Jew's ear/jelly ear
stir-fry chayote 新學到的"佛手瓜"
stir-fry pickled Chinese cabbage 酸菜炒肉絲
another stir-fry pickled vegetable dish
wonton soup
before I left, the lovely lady gave me a bag of food to bring home.
I'm a lucky kid.
That night I had a serious food coma

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