Feb 15, 2012

Whatever You Like Cake Balls

I wish I could come up with a better name for these babies, cake balls just sounds so… not appetizing

I should have put those yummy chocolate desserts up before chocolate day, but I was lazy and didn’t feel like writing super busy with schoolwork, please forgive me.

Anyways, these chocolate babies are so wonderful. First thing you need is a cake; you can make your own, use a cake mix, or just simply buy one from the store. You also need some cake frosting to hold the cake balls together; and finally some more chocolate or whatever flavor candy coating you like. They almost taste like chocolate truffles and are the perfect gifts for friends; and they’re pretty darn easy to make, too!
Chocolate Lover’s Cake Balls
A chocolate cake
Dark chocolate bar for coating
1. If you’re using a store-bought cake, use a fork or whatever tool you like to break it up into fine crumbs. I made my cake using chocolate cake mix. If you want to bake the cake, crumble it while it’s still warm; trust me, it’s easier.
I spread the crumbs out on a pan to let them cool faster
2. Let the cake crumbs cool to room temperature, and check the texture of it; if it’s dry add more frosting. 
If it holds its shape when you squeeze it with your hand, you’ve got the right texture.
3. Form “cake dough” into 1-inch balls; put them on a cookie sheet and freeze them for at least 15 minutes while you melt the chocolate.
4. Break up a chocolate bar and melt it in a bowl over simmering water. If the chocolate is too thick, add a teaspoon of shortening at a time to thin it out.
5. Throw the cake balls into the melted chocolate one at a time and toss them around with two forks until it’s well coated. Line cookie sheet with wax paper and put cake balls on it without touching each other.

And here comes the hardest part, wait for the chocolate to set. I was too impatient so I put mine in the fridge for 10 minutes and immediately devour 1/4 of the five cake balls. Nom nom.

* I used my favorite cream cheese frosting and added 2 tsp espresso powder to it
* I wanted to use the as little frosting as possible so I added extra ¼ cup of freshly brewed coffee to my chocolate cake batter to make it moister.
* I’ve tried using cream cheese instead of frosting when I made the carrot cake balls; it was oh so good.
* Some people use a food processor to break up the cake, but it really doesn’t matter what tools you use; I just used my paws.
* When it comes to using melted chocolate in a recipe I almost always use Lindt 70% Dark Chocolate; try to use good quality chocolate bar. I don’t like the taste of melted chocolate chips. I only like chocolate chunks or chocolate chips in my cookies and brownies; I LOVE biting into chunks of chocolate.
* Because I’m a chocoholic, I double dip my cake balls in chocolate. All you have to do is wait for the first coat of chocolate to set for about 10 minutes or until it’s dry and dip them again.

This dessert barely needs measurement; the amount of frosting you need depends on the texture of the cake crumbs. One time the cake I made was so moist I did not even need the frosting. I didn’t measure the amount of the chocolate for the coating either; I just dump in what I think is way more than enough chocolate into the double boiler. It’s better if you have any left over because you can just eat spoonful like it while you wait for the cake balls to firm up in the fridge.

Cake balls variations:
- red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting - white chocolate coating
- cherry chip cake with cream cheese frosting - white chocolate coating
- fudge cake + mint flavoring  with chocolate frosting - dark chocolate coating
- lemon cake with lemon frosting - white chocolate coating
- strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting - dark chocolate coating
- carrot cake + pecans with cream cheese forting - white chocolate coating
- brownies with
- chocolate cake with dulce de leche - dark chocolate coating
- strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting - white chocolate/ dark chocolate coating
- lemon cake with vanilla icing - dark chocolate
- chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting - milk chocolate coating
- graham cracker crust + cinnamon + marshmallow + mini chocolate chips with cream cheese frosting - dark chocolate frosting
- spice cake baked with pumpkin puree with cream cheese frosting - white chocolate coating
- gingerbread cake + crushed gingersnaps with cream cheese frosting - white chocolate coating
- confetti cake with vanilla frosting - dark chocolate coating

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