Feb 1, 2012

Walking Down Chinatown

Last weekend I went to Chinatown with a couple friends to celebrate Chinese New Year. One of my friend suggested we go to this Dim Sum place called Golden Unicorn (don't you just love the name); apparently it’s one of the top Dim Sum in NYC.

The place was packed when we got there. They didn’t tell us how long we were going to have to wait for; they just gave us a number. Since the number they were called at that time was very far apart from ours, we decided to walk around instead of waiting in the crowd for an hour. 罐頭裡的沙丁魚

We went to a market that is close by and walked around. There were some exotic fruit!

Pomelo 文旦
Pitaya 火龍果
Star Fruit 楊桃
and one of my favorite fruit, Durian 榴蓮!
We also went to another market that sells mainly meat and seafood.
Most of them were still alive

Although it's so crowded that it's nearly impossible to breath, and there were people yelling all the time, it's still fun to walk around Chinatown once in a while.


  1. I bet that the durians were imported from Thailand, are they? In Sydney, we can either get Thai or Malaysian durians. The size of the star fruits are bigger than the ones that I normally find from here!

    1. i have no idea where they got theirs, haha. I really wanted to get one but it'd be a hassle to have to bring it to the restaurant or carry it to the subway.


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