Feb 4, 2012

Potluck at Steph's

I love potlucks; they’re just so wonderful. They’re one of the best stress-relievers.
Enjoying good food with friends, what could be better?

First we have Sam’s sweet yam salad.
 It’s full of surprises, it’s got cranberries, sunflower seeds, and PEACH YOGURT! I was not expecting the sweet taste, it was awesome!
It was great on slices of baguette.

 Sam’s Ca-Bacon! Aka "cabbage bacon"
He puts slices of bacon between layers of the whole cabbage and then boiled it.
So good, but my picture ruins it. Sorry I suck!

and then we had Steph’s strawberry peach cobbler 
I've never had a cobbler before, and I can tell you now, THIS, is the best cobbler ever.
she first baked the fruit until it's tender and put the biscuit dough on top and then bake it again. I've never been so inpatient my entire life.

 right out of the oven, smells like heaven.
 and then she put a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of the cobbler.
I down this beautiful thing within 5 minutes and went straight to heaven.
The combination of sweet and sour taste 初戀的滋味?

By the way I love Steph's cozy and homey kitchen

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