Feb 7, 2012

My New Love: Bread Pudding

I tried bread pudding for the first time and fell in love with it.
I had always heard about it but never really wanted to make them until the other night when I got a loaf of free multi-grain bread. I went to the market I usually go to and saw a pile of bread on the floor. The workers said they were throwing them out so I asked them if I could take some; and one of them take a plastic bag, put a loaf of bread in it and hand it to me. It made my night.
I saw that the bread was expired for a day, but what the heck, I didn’t care. However, I wanted to finish using the bread as soon as possible so I thought to myself, what kind of dessert calls for a lot of bread, bread pudding!
Bread Pudding
6-7 slices of bread
2 Tbsp butter, melted or at room temperature
1 C milk (feel free to use reduced fat, but try not to use fat free)
1 C evaporated milk
3 eggs, slightly beaten
½ C granulated sugar
1 ½ tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp ground nutmeg
1 tsp ground clove
¼ tsp all spice
1 Tbsp vanilla extract
¼ C brown sugar
1. Preheat oven to 350F (skip this step if you’re not baking it right away)
2. Line slices of bread on a baking pan and bake for 5 minutes, until they’re golden brown
I love saying “golden brown”, or I guess writing it too, it makes me feel professional
3. Tear the bread into pieces and put them in an 8-inch square pan.
You don’t want small pieces, maybe a little bigger than a bite-size. Some people don’t do this, they just put the slices of bread on top of each other and let them overlap; feel free to do that if you want to.
4. Take your melted butter and drizzle it over the bread. For some reason, I hate drizzling melted butter over things; it makes me feel fat. I prefer spreading it, that way it doesn’t seem like there’s as much butter. I don’t know, I’m weird.
5. In a bowl, mix together both milk, eggs, granulated sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, all spice, and vanilla.
Pour over the bread and let it sit for at least 15 minutes.
If you’re make it ahead of time, over with plastic wrap and let it chill in the fridge until you’re ready to bake it.
it will seem like there's too much milk, but the bread will soak it all up! so don't you worry
6. When you’re ready to bake this baby, sprinkle brown sugar on top of it 
and then bake it for 45-50 minutes. 
so beautiful.
the top is so crunchy and flavorful

I ate mine with some fig jam. I’m sure vanilla ice cream would be perfect with it but I ran out :( or you can simply eat it as is; it’s already got all the spice and flavor
* If you’re bread is stale, you can skip step two. I had to bake mine because I took them out of the freezer and they have moisture in them. You want to get the moisture out so later on they can soak up the milk.
* For the milk mixture, I know a lot of people uses heavy cream, buttermilk, half and half, and whole milk; I just prefer not to be fat. I’m sure they all work though.

I did not expect myself to love this bread pudding. I mean I like pudding and I like bread, but I never crave for them like I crave for chocolate; however, the combination of the two is so surprisingly good.
To me, bread pudding isn’t really a dessert because it’s not too sweet, or the one I made isn’t. To me, bread pudding is the perfect breakfast. You could make them the night before and let the bread soak up all the flavor and goodness overnight; and just simply bake it the next morning.


  1. Saw this dessert quite often and yet to try it :)

  2. That looks yummy ! Really great for breakfast ;) Love the golden brown crust and the moist texture of the pudding !


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