Feb 1, 2012


I wanted to make croissant and puff pastry for the longest time, but never did until last week because I always thought they would be difficult to make.

After a request from a friend, I finally decided to make them.
The truth is, the method isn’t difficult, but you do have to keep a few things in mind when making them.
The temperature is very important, you have to keep everything cold and work fast.
I got my recipe from 周老師的美食教室
What most people are afraid of is the rolling and folding process after wrapping the butter into the dough. It is not hard, like I said; you just need to be careful and work fast.
This recipe is great, except I made a huge mistake while making them; which lead to butter oozing out
Most recipes I read say to let the dough “rest” after kneading it until smooth. However, this recipe says to let the dough “rise” in a warm place after kneading; so I did. I don’t think this is the reason why the butter oozed out when I make them. I think the problem is I didn’t get all the air out before wrapping the butter into the dough, which then created a lot of air bubbles. When I was rolling and folding the dough, the air bubbles kept popping, which caused the butter to ooze out when the dough becomes too warm.
I made some mini croissants. They ain’t pretty, but they sure tasted great!
I’ll give them another try soon; probably try just resting the dough instead of letting it rise. I think letting the dough rise will give croissants softer and airier texture, so if you want to use that method, make sure you get every single air bubble out before you wrap the butter.

I'll keep trying different recipe, and when I find my favorite one, I'll post the recipe
enjoy ♥

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