Jan 7, 2012

Cocoa Banana Cupcakes

I just made the best chocolate cupcake, ever!
I got this recipe from 周老師的美食教室-輕蛋糕

You'll need eggs
 Oil, I used melted butter instead, works perfectly
 flour, cooca powder, water egg whites, and sugar

First, beat egg yolk until it thickens and becomes lighter color
 Add in oil (melted butter) and salt
 and mashed bananas (see? it's got fruit, it's food for you...)
 add in water a little at a time
Sift in flour mixture and mix well
 In another bowl, beat together egg whites and sugar until stiff peaks form
Add in 1/3 egg white, mix with a whisk until well mixed
 fold in half of the remaining egg whites
 Add in the rest of the egg white, fold gentally.
fold in chocolate chunk and fill each cupcake liner to half way full
place them in a pan, pour  in boiling water.
Light Cocoa Cupcakes
100g mashed banana
50g chocolate chunk ( and of course I added more than just 50g, because I haveto)
34g egg yolks
30g melted butter
60g water
a pinch of salt
67.5g cake flour
22.5g cocoa powder
82.5g egg whites
110g granulated sugar

1. preheat oven to 185C/365F
2. beat egg yolk until it thickens and the color turns light
3. mix in oil and salt; then the mashed bananas
4. slowly drizzle in the water while whisking
5. sift together cocoa powder and flour; and then mix it into the batter in two additions
6. beat egg whites until foamy, gradually add in granulated sugar and beat until it forms stiff peaks
7. add 1/3 egg white into the cocoa batter and mix with a whisk until well-blended. Fold in half of the remaining egg white, and then fold in the rest of the egg white gentally until incorporated.
8. fold in chocolate chunks
9. fill cupcake liners 1/2 - 3/4 full. lightly tap capcake liners on the counter to get rid of any air bubble
10. place capcakes into another pan with hot water in it. place the pan at the bottom rack, and bake for 25-27 minutes (bake them for 25 minutes if you want the inside to be a little runny)

* I cut the original recipe in half and made 6 cupcakes
* If you don't have cake flour, you can substitute it with all-purpose flour, just reduce the amount of flour by 3 Tbsp.
This cake is super light and fluffy; you definitely need to add some chocolate chunks in it to make it perfect! you don't even need any frosting.


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