Jan 3, 2012

Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Chocolate chip cookie is my favorite kind of cookies of all time. When I first started baking, chocolate chip cookies are the only thing I make.

I had been using the Nestle Toll House recipe for the longest time, and it never disappointed me. However, I want to create my own chocolate chip cookie recipe. I want to make my own "Best Chocolate Chip Cookies."

When it comes to putting chocolate in my cookies, I like to use chocolate chunks instead of chocolate chips. I love to bite into big chunks of chocolate. I also prefer dark chocolate over semi-sweet chocolate in my cookies. In this recipe I used two kinds of chocolate; I used dark chocolate and Mexican sweet chocolate, and I absolutely adore the combination of the two.

I've seen many recipes using brown butter and I've always wanted to give it a try. At first I was worried that the cookies would come out flat because whenever I used melted butter, the cookies tend to spread out more. but this time it didn't; my guess is because I chilled the cookie dough in the fridge long enough before I baked it.

Here's the recipe I came up with:
Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies
110g (a little less than 1/2 C) butter
1/4 C granulated sugar
3/4 C brown sugar
2 eggs
1 egg yolk
2 tsp vanilla extract
2 C + 1/4 C all-purpose flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
1 C dark chocolate, chopped 
1 C Mexican sweet chocolate, chopped into chunks

1. In a sauce pan, over medium heat melt butter.
 When it comes to a boil, turn the heat down to medium-low
 It will foam up; and your kitchen will smell like heaven. Seriously it almost smell better than the actual cookies. I never believe that brown butter has a nutty smell until then; it really does and it's just so wonderful.
 cook until it turns brown.
 Pour into a mixing bowl and let cool til it's almost solid.
2. In another bowl, combine 2whole eggs, 1 egg yolk, and vanilla extract, set aside
3. In another bowl, sift together 2 C flour, baking soda, and salt, set aside.
Toss together Chocolate chunks and 1/4 C flour, set aside
4. When butter is almost solid and soft to touch, add in both sugars and beat until fluffy
5. Beat in egg mixture, a little at a time. (make sure the mixture is fully incorporated before you add in more egg mixture)
6. Add in half of the flour mixture, mix well before adding in the rest.
7. Mix in chocolate chunk mixture
8. Put mixture in the fridge and let it chill for 36 hours
(It's a long article, if you're lazy to read it the bottom line is if you let the cookie dough chill in the fridge for 36 hours, you'll get the best result of a chewy, flavorful chocolate chip cookies, or in my case, chocolate chunk cookies.)
9. Bake in 350F oven for 9-12 minutes
 When the cookies are done baking, let them sit on the pan for 10 minutes. The steam inside the cookies is what makes them chewy.
These are tiny cookies, next time, I'm going to make bigger cookies and try using just dark chocolate chunks. This time I might "accidentally" add in too much chocolate; most people and I love it, but my mom thinks it's too sweet. I do like those cookies a lot and I'm happy with the result, but I don't love it yet, and I'll keep trying and hopefully I can create my "best chocolate chunk cookies" soon.


  1. Yum! Those looks great! I hope 2012 is a great year for you!


  2. This morning I was thinking about how much I wanted a chocolate chip cookie! This isn't helping my craving at all! I just might have to whip up a batch this weekend.

    Bedknobs & Baubles

  3. Looks delicious ♥

  4. nomnomnom. Will try these soon! :)

  5. These look delicious! Well done!


  6. Look very yummy. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  7. You sure like baking very much !

    By using those chocolate chunk, it made the cookies tastier !


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