Oct 1, 2011

sweet dream begins

This is my third year in college and it's almost impossible to go for vegetable while everyone around you is chowing down fries, burgers, and chips. I remember during freshman year my lovely roommate Maddy and I used to have movie nights every night. We would each grab a tub of Ben & Jerry's and devour it 5
minutes after the movie started. Soon I got my freshman fifteen, it wasn't pretty.

The next year, I moved out and lived off campus. I got my own oven and that was like heaven to me; all I did was bake. No matter how much school work I had, I could still find time and excuses to bake. I have always believed that a recipe starting with "1 stick of butter" can never go wrong, and I still do. "Creaming the stick of butter with a cup of sugar," even better.

Until one day my mom gave me a long lecture about how our metabolism starts slowing down after we reach the age of 25. Being a fat girl trapped in a not-so-big body, I started to worry becau
se I love sweets and I'm obsessed with baking. I have decided from now on I'm gonna try to make healthier food that can still satisfy my sweet tooth. I'll post up some of my favorite recipes, and you're more than welcome to leave a comment!

sweet dreams

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